TAICHI (Woo style)

Tai Chi is the most famous traditional Chinese martial art.

Now, it is increasingly found that it may be the best sports for the health of mind and body.

  1. Not a simple body movement, it is a movement from the mind to the body
  2. Not a simple muscle movement. It can make your ligaments soft and make your bones and internal organs stronger.
  3. Base on the classical Chinese meridian theory, It can clear the channel of energy flow and exclusion of toxins.
  4. It is an energy and blood movement. Improve your energy levels, improve your immunity. Bring you comprehensive health.
  5. Very safe! You can practice forever!

Woo Style TAICHI is a very refined Tai Chi, so that you find the right “body posture” and ” psychological state” when you exercise. Effectively improve the body’s energy level, Make your bones and viscera strong and comprehensively improve health..


8 years Tai Chi practice experience. Follow the famous master systematically studied: Woo style Tai…

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