Steps of ancient chinese people


Thousands of years ago, When some people was doing MEDITATION, they found that if they in a right “Body posture and “Psychological state , they will feel something special in their body. Their breath were getting deeper, palms and feet were getting hot. they became healthier. At last they found some energy flow was flowing in their body. The paths and points of the flow were named meridian and acupuncture points.

ANAPANASATI MEDITATION:It’s the basis of our entire training system Help you find the right “body posture” and “psychological state”, focus and improve your breathing.

Meridians are the channels of the energy flow and the exclusion of toxins.  They are usually near your ligaments. So a stretching exercise was invented to make the meridians more clear. This is very good in the internal organs . It’s called Yi JINJING

YI JINJING: Stretch the ligaments safely, dredge the meridians, clear the energy flow channel and toxification channel, remove the visceral toxins, improve the internal organs, spine, joint health. Every style can have a good place to have some internal organs and joints, such as: heart, lung, liver, intestine, stomach, kidney, lumbar spine, cervical, shoulder, knee, hip and so on.

Later some martial artists began to use the same methods in their exercises and even in their fighting and it greatly improved their martial arts skill to a much higher level. The martial art with the correct Body posture and Psychological state is real TAI CHI.

TAI CHI is the most famous traditional Chinese martial art. Now, it is increasingly found that it may be the best sports for the health of mind and body.

  • Not a simple body movement, it is a movement from the mind to the body
  • Not a simple muscle movement. It can make your ligaments soft and make your bones and internal organs stronger.
  • Base on the classical Chinese meridian theory, It can clear the channel of energy flow and exclusion of toxins.
  • It is an energy and blood movement. Improve your energy levels, improve your immunity. Bring you comprehensive health.
  • Very safe! You can practice forever!
  • Fake Tai Chi will damage your health, especially your knee.

Wing Chun is a traditional martial arts from southern of China. The world knows Wing Chun because of Bruce Lee.
It is the first martial art that Bruce Lee had learned, It is the basis of Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu system.
Wing Chun is a very efficient, simple, practical close range combat. It can use as little energy consumption and opponents the most difficult way to predict, beat the opponent.